Potential saving bug

Having an issue with saving out simple geometry. As soon as I save, the geometry is corrupted, if I copy/paste the geometry between files, same thing. I created this geometry in a separate file because I was having the save issue in another file, which was driving me insane.
Anyone got any insight into this?

heres two screenshots, before save and after.
It was a solid, after save, not a solid (red line indicates open surface border)

I think I’ve seen something similar in extremely rare cases. When the veretx coordinates are balancing on the edge of SketchUp’s internal precision, Sketchup struggles to determine if it should regard the polygons as flat and allow them, or not and force triangulation.

In my experience the best way around this is to redraw anew, but feel free to share the model if someone wants to look into it further.

jeez, Its gone a bit far to redraw!
Its a entire scheme. I’ll post the model but am having problems in new files too, save, copy and paste.
I’ve set the length snapping to 1mm.

That’s the most likely cause. Turn Off length snapping.
As soon as I looked at your OP I was going to ask if you had length snapping enabled.

it was off. I turned it on, makes no difference

In Sketchup. How is it possible for suddenly 4 (for example) points to occupy the same space, 4 faces to occupy the same space? over and over.
It was all fine, then I push/pulled a face and seemed to destroy its integrity.

Something was slightly, slightly, slightly off from from the beginning, possibly due to the length snapping, and then SketchUp can’t figure out if if a set of points are planar, two points coincide, an edge is in a plane etc.

Computers deal with floating point numbers with a finite number of places, so it is never fully precise. Instead there is a threshold value when two numbers, e.g. 1 and 1.000000000002 are considered to be the same. SketchUp has such thresholds for when points are considered the same and when vectors are considered parallel. In very rare situations numbers in SketchUp balances just at SketchUp’s threshold and are sometimes regarded to be one one side, sometimes on the other.

If they all are in different contexts, (groups and/or components).
But that may not the case here.

And as hinted by others here, I suspect “vertices slightly out of plane” but within tolerance of showing just one wonky face. Upon saving SketchUp may be fixing the face, adding edges where folds are needed.
But again, that’s just a guess without seeing the model itself.
As asked before, share the mdel file.

There is something screwy going on. Layout wont even display the section scenes correctly.