Face wont generate

Hey, I’m trying to design the Grainger Library at UIUC but the back wall wont make a face for some reason. Here’s the .skp link: https://app.sketchup.com/share/tc/northAmerica/B7RSPEND83I?stoken=LIm0l_f7Z3jS4FkkBGty_xqf-lASBWRhqlMmdsgo5imE8miiuq0Fo0rqDqWrWojA&source=web

That won’t let us actually dig into your SketchUp file. Download it to your computer and drag the .skp file into a reply here.

What operating system are you using? 2023 is not an operating syste,. What web browser are you using when you work in SketchUp.

I’m using chrome and the web version
Grainger Library ABF1.skp (1.9 MB)

You’ll have to stitch between vertices on the curves and in some cases make triangles to get the faces.

I would suggest deleting the interior faces and edges first to clean it up.

When you get finished stitching it should look something like this.

After that, select all of the geometry, right click on it and choose Soften/Smooth Edges.

Thank you so much! Also, can you help me delete this face, like the inside of this arc. Everytime I try, it deletes the whole wall.

Your wall is not perfectly aligned with the green axis.

See this SU file where I changed the style to use axes colors for edges. I also added text to show the X, Y and Z values for some of the endpoints. This shows a misalignment.

If you correct the wall and then redraw the arched door, it should work.

Grainger Library ABF1 - JL - 2024-04-10.skp (1.9 MB)

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