Face not closing in sketch up

I am a newbie and cant seem to close this face. the angle is supposed to be 30 degrees

Share the .skp so we can see what you have and give you some guidance.

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UglyMo6 satans spaceship.skp (55.5 KB)

The edges of the opening don’t lie on the same plane. Draw a diagonal line to make to triangles and you’ll get faces. If you want it to be a single flat face you’ll need to decide what needs to change about the perimeter. Here I switched to my default style and set face style to Monochrome you it’s possible to see what’s going on.


I would suggest that you avoid applying materials until you havre the geometry made correctly. The textures just get in the way.

You’ll also find it easier to work in Perspective instead of Parallel Projection.

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how do i make them straight to close face

I did the same thing as @DaveR , only I used the smooth shading eraser to smooth over the lines. It doesn’t fix the geometry, but it gives the appearance of a single face. A little cheater, but if the appearance is all you need. ;shrug:

You would need to move at least one corner to get the four corners to lie in the same plane. I don’t know which corner should move. You’ll have to decide. You can use some crossing guidelines to figure out where the corner needs to be moved to.

Might be easier to delete all but the top face and then use Push/Pull to give it thickness. That would make the edges vertical.

Softening the triangulating edge as @Danimaupin did is one way to at least make it not so obvious the surface isn’t flat.

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thank you