Face Cutter Extension - Instructions

Some of the users of the Face Cutter extension have been asking for more instructions how to use the extension. I’ve put together a little video to show the features and usage of Face Cutter.

  1. The Face Cutter only works with components that are already set to cut faces. To check if your component is set up to cut faces, draw a rectangle and place your component on the rectangle. If the face of the the rectangle is cut out for your component then it is set up properly.


  1. The purpose of the Face Cutter extension is to allow a component to cut out more than a single face. This is done (behind the scenes) by creating a cutout component for each additional face.


  1. To use the Face Cutter tool. Select Extensions>Face Cutter Options. There are three options.
    a. The first option toggles the tool on or off. Make sure it is turned on if you wish to use it.
    b. The second option is to choose whether or not to hide lines that intersect the cut out area.
    c. The last options is to choose whether faces should be cut automatically when the component is added or only manually via the context menu.

  2. Face Cutter also allows cutting faces inside a group or component even when the component is out side of the group being glued to. For this to work the component must be placed on (glued to) the group. Faces nested in sub groups will not be cut.


  1. Face Cutter only cuts faces that are on the same plane as the z-axis of the components. Perpendicular faces like the sides of wall studs would not be cut.

  2. Nested groups can’t be cut. Faces are only cut one level deep.

  3. If the group being cut is scaled or rotated there will be issues.

  4. Cutting a group doesn’t always work correctly. This is a known bug.

If you have any questions or need help please reply here rather than the review section of the Face Cutter page.

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Here are some components if yours don’t work.

Sliding Door.skp (62.3 KB)
Window.skp (773.0 KB)
Overhead Door1.skp (785.1 KB)
Door1.skp (1.0 MB)

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