Gluing components on a face with cutting opening in face doesn't work for some components

I am making some models of lighting fixtures to insert in my projects.
Some of them are recessed in the ceiling. So I made the components, I think al in the same way.
But there are some that work, some others don’t work. This is there is no opening being cut in the face.

I made a new component called ProLicht Magic 1x2 and tried to glue it on a horizontal face.
Glueing the component on the face is no problem, but it is not cutting the opening in the ceiling.

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I believe cutting is only on a single face and you have to open the component for editing into which you are placing your item for it to work. You also need to bring the component in from the components tray (as shown by dezmo below - I am slow editing my replies) and not the one you create on the workspace. Once in place the cutting works but if you move component you move the cutaway moves also. If you hide or delete the component, the cutaway disappears as it is directly related to the component. If you need the hole to remain you can select intersect faces and manually remove the bits or use solid tools to subtract one from the other. I do this by placing the objects where I am happy with them, copying the piece I am going to subtract to the clipboard, do the operation and when I have the hole use paste in place and I have the desired result.
If I’m wrong I’m certain one of the much more knowledgeable members will give you the definitive answer.



Post your component, someone can take a look…

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I deleted the spots so I was left with only the framebox.
I made a component again and inserting this ‘empty’ box is cutting my ceiling.
But with the two spotlights placed in the framebox this doesn’t work.
Strange ?
I uploaded the component.
ProLicht Magiq 1x2.skp (186.8 KB)

Explode the “Magic frame” group inside a component.

Then it will work…
(I do not have an explanation why it is not working if it is a group … I heve to investigate more)

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Thanks Mihai,

yes just exploding the frame in my component does the trick.
Indeed, I don’t know why this is but it works this way.
So :+1: