Face Camera, crazy stretched geometry SU2024

Just updated to 24. I’ve been having strange behavior with follow me components, but not all of them. In a few models, I have noticed that the geometry of certain follow me components stretch well beyond their bounds, and sometimes well beyond the camera as I orbit.

Then if I click near that object (even if it is nested in a larger group or component), the geometry will snap back to place.

Looks like a graphic driver issue but could be something strange within the model, attaching the model would help us to see if it is the model or your system.

Looks like an out of scale component that is facing always the camera, hard to know without seeing the file.

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Is the model or parts of it very far from the origin point?

Ill upload the file, but so far, I’ve noticed this on two different models, and only in 24. Clean as a whistle in 23.

Nothing far from the origin in this model (Other files I have sure do, but not this one)

Latest version of NVIDIA Studio installed, although that doesn’t necessarily preclude graphics problem

Same Model in 23 shown here: (note turning off follow me part way through and component has a normal scale all the way around) I really think this is just something weird in 24, which makes sense, it’s all new.

Have to use dropbox. Model too big to upload.

There’s something weird about the flowerpot. The odd visual artefacts disappear if I open the nested groups and components for editing until I reach the flower pot and explode it to surfaces and re-group. It might be due to a weird component axis placement, unnecessary face-me feature of a 3D component or perhaps the pot has been geolocated. Couldn’t go deeper with my tools.

I can see how that would fixt the problem, but I think this is something that SU should address, not necessarily a modeling problem (this same component, and others that are exhibiting the same problem are fine in earlier versions of SU). Axis is bottom center, so that the face me works appropriately. I would argue that it isn’t unnecessary to have the face me, especially since clients could be viewing this in a video walk through in enscape, or even just in SU and the weird stretching artifacts that just happen when projecting a texture on a rounded surface, are visually distracting. I fully recognize the irony here since it’s way more distracting to have a giant flower pot stretching 40’ in either direction.

[quote=“francisquitof, post:4, topic:267539”]
ut of scale component that is facing always the camera
[/quote] This is a winner. The pot wasn’t in a strange scale, but the component was scaled from the original. Setting the scale definition stopped the problem, but this only feels like a temporary work through, since even mirroring a component would cause the same problem, as the mirrored component would be out of scale technically.

Thank you all for your help with this, and giving me a temporary work around. If there is someone on the forum from Dev that would be interested in this issue, it would be awesome if the workaround wasn’t necessary, like previous versions of SU.

You should be consistent in what you mean. ‘Follow me’ (operation) and ‘Always face camera’ (property) are two different things. Even the title of your thread seems to be off and confusing. (corrected by @bmike)

I changed the thread’s name to ‘Face Camera…’

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Yeah, I agree. That was dumb. Thanks for catching that

It wasn’t what you would call dumb, it was actually what the police would call Obstructive. Your thread title actually made it difficult to understand and solve your issue.