Extruding Impoirted Shapes



I’ve imported a DAE file of a gear. It is a flat poly-line object and I need to extrude it.

How to I turn the flat poly shape into a FACE so it can be pushed and pulled?

Thanks very much in advance


It’s hard to say without seeing it but,
is it grouped? does it show a blue square around it when you click on it?
If so, double click it to open it for editing.
If there is no face, trace one edge with the pencil tool to create a face.

If this doesn’t work, post your model so we can give you more specific help.


Thanks so much. All of those things I’ve tried. I exploded it and exploded again.
The only “straight lines” on the gear are the outermost circumference and that doesn’t make a face of this.
10-tooth.50-sprocket.dae (14.7 KB)


First, explode it twice.
Then, draw a line like in this picture.

Then, delete lines and unnecessary surface.

Then, use push/pull.


It’s a double wrapped component. So double click to edit the first component, this contains a second component so right click and explode it as you don’t need a nested component.
Then as I mentioned, just draw along an edge and you’ll get a face, and sometimes you need to draw an edge on the circle just to break the face.


That was much better than I could have hoped for. The animation makes it so much easier to follow the workflow.

Thank you very much!

My next questions is how do you make those animations? lol Seriously, thats a nice trick.


There are various programs to make those animations. For example;


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