Extruding edges by vector to object failed!

So I’ve been trying to extrude circle shape(face) to my organic solid shape(roof) using extrusion tool extension name Extrude Edges by Vector to Object to make columns. I successfully extruded it vertically just like what is shown in the picture above but when I try it with a slanting direction, it becomes like this::

It appears that some lines are not extruded and becomes a broken hollow instead. I thought smoothing the face, edges and roof and welding the edges will prevent it to break so I also tried them but it did not work. It worked with Vector Push Pull but I want it to be cut just like what Extrude tool does. Can you help me with this, any tips, recommended extensions or is there anything I can do manually but easier?

Do you wish to share the model? Could there be hidden faces in the way? I looks just like my experiment where I hid an upright column before doing the slanted one. I checked it out further. The tool seems to interact with any surface in the file, whether visible, grouped or not.

Are there any hidden objects in your model in that location? I think if there is a hidden plane or other geometry there, it might intersect with that geometry?

If your active_entities contains some ‘hidden objects’ then they can be found and used as the ‘target’ by most 'extrusion tools.
Use layers/tags to those things - NOT the basic ‘hide’ function.
Use View > Hidden Geometry > ON to see what you’ve got.
Also be sure to have all of your edges and faces assigned to layer-Layer0 or tag-Untagged, depending on your SketchUp version - otherwise madness beckons !

Hi sir! I appreciate your reply but i’m still not enlightened. Do you mean I hide/unhide the lines using layers/tags? Even so, I will still have the same problem of broken columns cause the hidden geometry is still there?

I’ll appreciate every wisdom given to me!

Just another problem here. I didn’t even extruded the line to the object, they did not touch/interact but it still broken. I tried welding and smoothing it. What seems to be the problem?

Have you successfully extruded it? any tips?

Can you attach your model so what don’t have to guess what the issue is.

There should be no hidden edges or faces, or groups/component-instances in the space between the elements you want to use in the operation.
By ‘hidden’ I mean View > Hidden Geometry > on/off.
If you want to ‘hide’ some collection/object of geometry, like a group/component-instance, temporarily, then you should assign it to a special tag [layer < v2020] that is switched off. Then it should be ignored. If not, then you could move the object axial to one side by a fixed amount, and move back afterwards.

I just saw your next post - this looks like a graphics-card issue ?
Please attach your model’s SKP so we know what is what…

okay sir!

extrusion tools.skp (2.5 MB)

When you have made the first column and assigned it to a hidden layer that interferes with the next extrusions as they over lap.
Move the columns by say 5m as you make them, after they are all done move them back by the same distance.
You’ll also need the intersect the columns to ensure they meet neatly.

The extruded ‘circle’s’ edges at 777 is too many for most uses.
<12 would probably suffice for such a small radius ??

I suspect you are testing the limits of the toolset !