Extruding an airfoil shape in a triangular pattern

Bellow is an airfoil cross section i made from an equation i derived. Now i want to extrude it into a fin.

Basically this pattern will repeat itself in a tapered fashion from base to the top.

any help would be great. Thanks

maybe extrude, and then cut?

How about extrude and then scale the end that’s supposed to be smaller? Scale about the center if appropriate for the taper.


let me try that. I never use the scale tool, so i always forget about that feature…

which handle did you grab for those? i have tried all mine but they scale all of it. so i am needing to find that special key haha


In my “to watch later” list I’ve had this video for month. it’s about making plane wings.

I mean, a wing is a wing, right ?

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I just selected the end face before getting the Scale tool. Then I grabbed a corner handle.

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thanks for this video. i have not seen this one yet.

ok, i get what you did. i was trying to scale the whole bloody thing haha. Once i selected the top face, i got it to work hahaha

thanks for this

so, a quick tutorial

I start from the shape, pushpull it to make a broad wing. at this point, I softened it to get rid of the line, or if I had been smarter, I could have selected the contour BEFORE pushpull and weld it.
it’s late, I’m not smart anymore.

when you select the wing, if you select ALL of it, you see it scales globally. not good.
but if, as dave said, you select only the top face, then it will deform.
deforming while pressing shift or ctrl will give you various solutions. here I pressed shift to have an uniform deformation, and deformed it only in one direction.

Ok, as I was typing I saw you managed to do it. so here is for the next one to have issues making a wing :slight_smile:

yeah, neither have I. my “watch later” pile is almost as long as my “to read someday” one :smiley:

time to 3d print these for a high powered rocket. Going to add some fun electronics to the rocket for a competition for active drag systems and stability.

I have my level 2 certification and now working on level 3 haha.

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if you want to make the wing hollow, say to save weight, printing time, pass some cables etc… you can either “drill” holes after (for cables) or you can make it hollow in 2d, before all the steps.

Capture d’écran 2023-11-04 à 22.51.51

then, you might need to make a small endcap. but hey, that’s the fun part of 3d modelling, adding stuff :wink:

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yup, same here. I have been doing so many research papers and thesis stuff for my end of degree in aerospace and biomed that i have hardly anytime to do anything. I used to be really good at SU because dave taught me alot of it and many others on these forums. I am going to start recording things i make so i can remember how to do it hahaha.

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ohhhh, i could print a hollow and non hollow and then through it into the Anstrom machine and test compression of the 2.