Drawing a tapered airfoil

I am trying to draw a a tapered airfoil. I can extrude the airfoil shape no problem. But it is a simple extrusion, with both ends of equal size. However, my wing is tapered, so the outer section needs to be smaller. I can use the scale tool to change the size of the outer section, but by dragging a corner, the other corner remains where it is, “skewing” the airfoil. I need to be able to scale the outer end equally on all sides.

Any idea how to do this?


Have you tried scaling in different steps.
First X, then the Y direction.
As long as corresponding endpoints of both cross sections are connected by straight undivided edges, you can even move and rotate one end without unexpected distortion.
(Example: windturbine)

Use Ctrl for scale by middle point


This is brilliant! Let me give this a go…

Ta-Daaa! Thank you.

One more question, if I may…

When I import a DXF file, it ends up in TOP view. However, the rest of my drawings are in side view. I usually swivel this and that and change views and bugger around for ages till I get the imported DXF in side view. But I can never remember what the heck I did to get there. Surely there’s a quick, simple way to do this?


Select the imported dxf and use the Rotate tool (use also arrow keys).

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Thank you.

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