Extruding a curved petal


I was just wondering which was the easiest was to add some thickness to this petal. The petal has many different curves so when i have tried to extrude it it only will extrude each small triangles which ends up leaving gaps in the design.

if anyone knows how to do this your help would be much appreciated.

Katie :slight_smile:

PETAL 1.skp (128.3 KB)

Hi , I was going to take a quick look but I am using SU2018 sorry.
If you can down save then I could take a look.


To do it manually, soften the edges so you have one face.
Copy the face down and stitch the edges together.
Or use Fredo’s Joint Pushpull.


Thank you for your help. I was just wondering how you managed to move the shape and then duplicate it?

katie :slight_smile:

Tap ctrl with the move tool to make a copy.

Another possibility:

Make two copies apart at the thickness you want final petal to be. Make a third copy and drag directly above. Use scale tool on it and enter .001, this effectively flattens it. Push pull it out/down to envelope the previous two instances. select everything and intersect. Delete the unwanted parts.