Advanced Assembly- Rose design on roof

I am new to sketchup and need some help. I have created some rose petals features that I would like to put on the top of a design for my A-level in Graphic Products. I have made the petals individually using the sandbox feature and now want to place them on top of a circular building. When I put them on top of the building they either sink half into the building or wont sit directly on top of the building. I am also struggling to fit the individual petals together into the rose formations.

Would be very grateful for any help that could be given.

Katie : )

Petal 1.skp (125.0 KB)

attatched are an example of one of the rose petals and an initial version of the design to show the sort of idea I am going for. I am aiming for the final product to have the more delicate and curved petals on the roof.

rose design.skp (488.7 KB)

First off you should try to group any of your separate elements otherwise they will all get connected to each other. Once you group you petal, grab a corner point with the move tool and drag it until it snaps to a point on your roof, ( the sketchup inference will snap the point by which you are dragging onto a surface or other point in the model where your cursor is) then its a matter of using the rotation to get it into he position you need. If every petal is going to be the same, it might be worth creating it as a component at first, that way if you need to edit it, all instances of it will get edited the same. For something organic like this it’s a matter of positioning and rotating. You will find it easier once you have the petal selected to use another part of the model’s geometry as a guide to moving it, also the arrow keys can constrain the movement, so if you want to move it up (ble axis) , use the up arrow key , right for red axis and left arrow for green axis.

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Agree with everything whiterabbitdesigncompany said.

I also find that when moving/rotating using X-Ray view mode sometimes helps the snaps work much better.

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