Extrude tool question

When I use Extrude Edges by Rail to Lattice, I cannot figure how to get rid of the triangle on the face when I have either two rails. Am I missing something. When I use just one profile and rail, there is an option to erase coplaner edges. I do not get that option when I use two rails. Is there a way to get quad faces using two different rails.

Why not replicate [copy] a rail to the other end of the profile etc ?

This is for when I want the two rails to be different. I cannot figure how to get the lattice to be a quad face and not a triangle

Is there any way to get the quad effect of the bottom model with either of the other two?

The two which triangulate the ‘panes’ do so because the skewed edges can never take a single face.
The one with rectangular panes does so because two of the four edges are parallel and therefore they can take a single pane.
How about using a melding-profile that’s very slightly different ?
Then the diagonals will form…
If you work inside a group then you can scale the resultant parts to effectively leave the profile and melding-profile the same and the ‘panes’ will have diagonals, even though the triangles are ‘coplanar’…

Thanks, I was afraid that was the case with the triangles.

are SketchUp quads the goal?

No, I just wanted the panes to be square

It would be worth considering that if your frames for the windows require a diagonal to get faces in SketchUp, in reality the glass couldn’t be flat either. That’s simple planar geometry. The borders of each pane need to lie in the same plane.

Yes, I have come to the conclusion that I cannot get the effect I wanted. So I will redesign

In SketchUp you could certainly hide the diagonals but if you are modeling something that would have to be built in reality, you’d need to do something else with the design. Curved and twisted glass panels are possible but would be expensive. I suppose you aren’t actually designing something that has to be built, though. Maybe reality doesn’t actually matter in this case.