Extrude along path

I’ve been looking for a long time for a smooth way to extrude surfaces along a rotating path. For example, a staircase.
For a project I have to extrude a banister along a rotating staircase but I can’t do this at all. I’m using 1001bit - tools (extrude selected profile along selected path) but it doesn’t work.
Can someone help me?

test.skp (228.8 KB)

Try Eneroth Upright Extruder extension, or Follow Me tool.

I have already tried but it does not give the desired result.

Because it has a rotating path.test.skp (228.8 KB)

Profile builder is very good. Profile Builder | mind.sight.studios
TutorialsUp recently did a series of videos on it, here’s the 1st:
How to Use Profile Builder Plugin For SketchUp | Part 1 - Profile Dialog - YouTube

Hi, I’ve also tried profile builder, but I don’t get the desired result.

The red one test(SU2017).skp (514.9 KB)
There are also hidden lines and faces on the original path.

hello, thank you, but may i ask how you did this?

I used CLF Perpendicular Face Tools and placed a few faces along the path, then I used Curviloft.


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No railings on the left side of the stair? It wouldn’t meet the code in our parts. Unsafe at any speed.