Extract level lines from Google Earth Terrain


I am looking for a quick way to extract level lines from the Google Earth terrain imported when geolocating my project.

A fastidious way to do it if to create a rectangle and intercept it at different elevation, and then gather all the intercepted lines on one plan.
But it’s really long and time consuming.

Considering the simplicity of the task, and its repeating character, I hope a plugin exists to do this. But I fail to find it.

Any idea ?

Thank you very much !

Here’s one way that would be reasonably fast. Start by making a stack of faces at the desired interval. This is done simply with Move/Copy to make an array.

Select all and run Intersect Faces>With Model. Then erase the edges and faces you don’t need.

This will leave you with the contour lines in 3D.

Then use TIG’s Flatten to Plane from the Sketchucation Extension Store to flatten the countours it to a work plane.

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ContourMaker_v1.6.rbz (3.1 KB)
Here is a plugin that lets you create topo lines at any interval. I think I got it from Sketchucation for free but I cant seem to locate it on the site.

EDIT: Here’s the page [Plugin] Contour Maker v1.6 • sketchUcation • 1

Awesome !

Combination of ContourMaker and Flatten to Plane do the job perfectly and really quickly !

Thank you very much for your answers !!