Extensions are not installing on my PC, but extension manager says it's installed


First, the ThomThom file did not show up under the tools or windows tab, so I cannot find them.
The jib file is installed in extensions, and the Quad File show installed and engaged (jib file I believe is needed to install ThomThom files).

How do I fix?

Did you also install TT_Lib2? It’s required.

Do that, quit, and restart SketchUp.

What is a “jib” file? As Dave wrote, you must install the Thom Thom’s library, TT_lib, otherwise no Thom Thom’s plugin will work, some plug-ins require an additional library that sketchup doesn’t have natively, if you want to install plug-ins from Fredo you’ll have to install the Fredo6 library as well.

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