Extension WH doesn't validate my rbz



I’m updating an existing extension, but so far the initial validation step fails. The email I get says:

The root directory must only contain one directory.

This has been discussed before in the forums, but my issue seems to be different. I can confirm that my signed extension has a single directory in the root.

$ tree
├── blank_slate
│   ├── flat_pack_face.rb
│   ├── flat_pack_part.rb
│   ├── import_generic_2D_file.rb
│   ├── load.rb
│   ├── login_ui.rb
│   ├── main.rb
│   ├── main_ui.rb
│   ├── nest_result_window.rb
│   └── window.rb
└── blank_slate.rb

I’ve compared this iteration with previously accepted rbz archives, and don’t see any significant differences.

Any idea why this extension would be rejected?


Most likely a bug at the EW. Lately the EW has reminded me of the go home - you’re drunk meme. I’ve gotten an email myself saying the RBZ isn’t allowed to contain any encrypted files, despite that the file I submitted didn’t contain any, and then the extension passed anyway.


That’s entirely possible… there are like 200 breweries in Boulder.

On the plus side, I cleaned up the structure quite a bit since I thought maybe it was my fault.


It’s good to hear something positive came out of it! Improving the structure is a great investment to help future maintenance of a project!


@BssGabe can you please check to see if you have previous signing files within the package. These should be within the \blank_slate directory and follow the format ‘blank_slate.hash’ and ‘blank_slate.susig’. If this is an upgrade then there is a chance that these files exist. Go ahead and remove them and submit. I have filed an issue for the underlying problem and we will work to get a patch out soon.




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