Extension Warehouse and Internet Explorer Connectivity Issues

Ext Warehouse Glitch

Sketchup 2016 Pro User

I can’t access the Extension Warehouse from IE which happens to be the default browser for my version of Sketchup. The screen appears greyed out when I try to log on without giving an error message .

All other browsers(Chrome,Firefox,Edge) can connect to the Extension Warehouse from my PC. The problem appears to be a connectivity issue between IE and the sketchup extensions page.

I have tried most of the options suggested on the forums without luck.

My PC is installed with Internet Explorer 11 Version: 11.535.18362.0

The 3D Warehouse has not supported MSIE for at least a year (since MAR 2018.)

The Extension Warehouse has just been overhauled to run on the same framework / backend (whatever it’s called) as the 3D Warehouse. This is why they have the same Technical Problems category (where I’ve moved this thread.)

Here is an official announcement here in the forum:

Also colin just posted a notice that Discourse (who host this forum) will cease supporting MSIE next June.

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Thanks for your reply and moving the thread to the relevant space.

There’s a lot of discussion about how the browser in discussion will affect 3D Warehouse and other aspects of Sketchup. Very little information is available on how it it will affect the Extension Warehouse. I suppose we are just expected to make the associations.

If this is the case, an official announcement from Sketchup would be helpful regarding Extension Warehouse. Similar to the much publicized 3D Warehouse changes.

If anyone uses Sketchup 2016, please let me know if you are able or unable to log onto the extension warehouse. .

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Did you buy 2016? If so you’d have received upgrade rights to 2017, which uses the embedded Chromium dialogs for the warehouses.

But also, 2020 is due out soon, and with it’s release only 2018 and up will be “officially supported”.

@Barry Perhaps edit your previous announcement and repin it ?

EDIT: Oh n/m Peter beat ya’ to it. :wink:

It’s a paid version. I looked at my email from back then and they did send me the notification to upgrade to 2017 Pro for free. Was not using the software as much back then so it’s safe to presume I overlooked it. The only logical step is to upgrade to 2020 if I want to have the “bells and whistles” wallet permitting.

Great software, exceeded my expectations with CAD for my needs. Very helpful forums as well evidently!

Thanks to everyone who took part. This mystery has been solved.

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You’re over three years out of support, and so would need to buy a new license, it’s too late to do that as an upgrade. Could be worth thinking about the subscription version of SketchUp Pro.

For now though you could at least download SketchUp Pro 2017 from here:


I just sent your 2017 license to your gmail address.

Thanks a lot, I get it now.

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