Extension warehouse all .rbz are 1kb

All (or at least, many ones I tried) .rbz downloaded from extension warehouse are only 1kb in size. There is something going wrong. Anyone else noticing this?
@thomthom @ChrisFullmer

I just tested by downloading TrueBend and it worked fine.

What browser, platform are you using?

Which extensions did you try?

These are some. I noticed some else work fine.

Chrome on windows. but also directly in SketchUp I get an error:

EWH down

hm… All those are working fine for me. I was wonder if it’s regional thing, but we are all rather close…

I’ll report for the EW team for investigation in case.

That being said, I just found out my host of my personal site is having major issues. And someone in the coworking office here was saying something about some other sites they suddenly lost access to.

Maybe this is a DSN issue. DDOS, or something like that…

… or the local AWS cloud is non-accessible.

Seems to be functioning again. Lasted at least an hour. I was going to give a presentation on a machine where I had not the development code of one of the above extensions available. So, I thought to quickly download the current version from the warehouse. That is when I noticed the error.

here too.

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The problem still exists!
There is an urgent need to do something because it has a significant impact on the sale of our Plugins.

There were still problems happening, but another fix has been added. For my problem case the file is downloading correctly now. Can you all try your text cases?

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To me it seems to work 100%. :wink:
I hope this error will not come back as it is fatal for the developers.