Extension validation time

We submitted an extension (Shapespark) to the Extension Warehouse about month ago without any reply so far. Does anybody know what the approximate waiting time for extension validation is? What is the best way to contact the team responsible for the validation process?

You are a victim of the holiday shutdown. There is likely a backlog for the team to catch up on.


I see. I hope it is only because of the holidays.

However, I am a bit worried that our submission was lost somewhere between queues because we haven’t even received a notification about the completion of the automated review part, that the submission confirmation email mentioned.

Yeah, it is common if regrettable that the approval folks at Trimble get behind when there is a holiday and it takes them a while to catch up. During the backlog you will generally not hear anything, so just be patient!


I’m waiting for my extension to be reviewed - I got the initial

“Your extension has been placed in our review queue. It is currently undergoing an automated review to verify it meets our basic file structure and extension requirements.”

message, but nothing since then. Surely the automated review part should only take minutes or hours?

(A helpful feature would be showing the number of extensions in the review queue at the moment, and the average wait it took to review them over the past month? At least then we’d have a feeling for how patient we should be :wink:)

Update: it only took 48 hrs for my extension to be reviewed, which was fantastic :smiley:


You won’t be notified when the automatic review is finished. That information in the first email you get is wrong. You will get notified once someone has looked into the extension and it either passes or they tell you why it didn’t. In my experience this usually takes a week or so but when people have been out of the office for holidays it can take several weeks.

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