Extension Request : Grid Snapping - Not Distance Snapping

Beyond the limits of my old brain and after 20 years Trimble won’t do anything about it but is it possible to build an extension that overrides the inference engine and allows a user to confidently snap to a user defined coordinate grid system extending from the an origin of their choosing spaced at a distance of their choosing?

Distance snapping is useless… as evidenced by in the forum advising users to turn it off…

I am just bloody tired of inaccuracies drifting into my architectural work from the poor snapping generated by the inference engine…

Does an extension already exist?

There is the Grid Tool that has been around for years, perhaps you could try that out and see if it solves your problems.

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Thx @Box , will give that a try… looks like an oldy but a goody… should be an integral part of SU… not an extension…

@medeek seems to use it all the time, at while least demonstrating his tools.


If you are creating architectural models within SketchUp the Grid tool is probably one of the most useful and indispensable extensions that I have ever used and continue to use on a daily basis. RTCool is correct, I use it in practically every tutorial video I have ever made. I agree it is probably one of those extensions that should be built into SketchUp, or at least come installed by default.


Thanks @medeek , Just used it to replace my own urban grid composed of 6mx6m components to see how it goes… seems to be reliable… but being guides some minor disadvantages… I cannot change linetype, cannot snap to a midpoint and I assume they will not be visible in Layout.,… can workaround those though… Really I would prefer autocad type control of snapping so we be very specific what SU snaps to… eg, guides, intersections, perpendicular, ends, midpoints, tangents, grid only…

PS, great extensions by the way!.. just not needed for my concept / feasibility planning so unfortunately missed your video’s using the grid tool

When dealing with property lines you have to be deadly accurate… can have huge legal implications

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More control over the snapping or inference would be useful and welcomed. I still use AutoCad for some my 2D structural work (not that I do much of that anymore) but the ability to control the snapping is very helpful.


I draw all my floor plans in PowerCADD first. It does have a grid snap tool, but I mostly don’t use it. It’s useful for the first 5 minutes or so, and then everything else becomes relative to something already drawn rather than to the grid.