Extension manager - can't see how to return from showing extension detail

Post withdrawn - I was being dumb. I thought the downward pointing arrow above the details belonged to a different extension.

I think that when you click the right-pointing arrow it changes to a down-pointing one aimed at the detail window that just opened. Click the down-pointing arrow and the detail window collapses.

Ah John you edited out from under me!

Thanks for taking the trouble to reply, Steve. I WAS being dumb.

By the way, the reason the specific one was all blanks that you had open in your original image is that it is an old non-extension plugin. They extract the info in the detail panel from the attributes you assign to your extension object in the initial registration code.

Yes, I can see that now - it’s an old plugin of yours.

And the ‘scenery’ one below is one of mine, which similarly was a single .rb file, not an extension.

I might return to it and rewrite mine as an Extension, and add a few features, now I’m clearer how to write an Extension, and more comfortable with Ruby than I was when I wrote it many years ago now. It was mainly adapted from a very similar function offered to draw wooden ‘beams’ and ‘sheets’ which I converted to ‘Flats’ and ‘Rostra’.

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