Extension Manager - Am I missing the point?

I thought the point of the extension manager being tied to your Trimble account was that they are stored “online” so that they could be accessed from more than 1 machine?
For example, I sometimes use my desktop machine and sometimes use my laptop. If I install extensions through the manager on my desktop machine while logged in, shouldn’t they show up in my extension manager on my laptop?
Am I missing the point?

I wonder where you got that idea. There’s nowhere on the SketchUp site or in the Extension Warehouse that even implies that.

No. Extensions are installed on the local drive in your computer. They are not accessed from the web on the fly as you use them.

The Extension Manager keeps track of the extensions you’ve installed on your computer and checks with the EWH when you start SketchUp to see if there are updates. You can update extensions via the EWH, as well as disable or enable extensions or even uninstall them. And for extensions you might get from outside the Extension Warehouse, you would install them via the Extension Manager.

Thanks @DaveR
I’m not sure where I got that idea. Must have been a dream. Thought I would use the forum to check my reality.
Maybe it would be a nice feature?

If you use the sketchucation store plugin, it saves some(most) of the plugins you have installed in your account, then you can install them again either on another machine, after downloading them, or on a newer sketchup version.

The Sketchucation Extension Store tracks extensions you install from Sketchucation using the Sketchucation Extension Store tool. It creates a “Bundle” that can be used to install the same extensions on another computer or on the same computer in a different version of SketchUp. It does not track extensions installed from the Extension Warehouse or extensions installed using the Install Extension feature in the Extension Manager.

The Sketchucation Store tool is required for license management for paid extensions from Sketchucation

I thought also that but the last time I had to install extensions from scratch was when I updated to the 2023 version, and a lot of extensions that I downloaded from the sketchup extension warehouses and installed using the install extension feature were installed as well on the newer sketchup version, the only plugins that weren’t installed were those that aren’t available on their store.

Open the Sketchucation Extension Store tool and look at your bundle of extensions. It’ll show only extensions you installed from Sketchucation using the tool. Those are the extensions it is watching for updates and the only ones it will install when you install the bundle.


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