Extend Angled Face Onto Plane

I have been struggling with FredoScale in an attempt to extend this angled face onto an orthogonal plane. I have watched videos, read posts, etc. I would be very appreciative if someone could walk me through how to do this. Which option would be appropriate (See image)? Or maybe this extension will not solve this problem. Or maybe, there is a simpler solution (native SU tools?). And yes, I can brute force the solution by extending the lines, but is there a easier way? Thanks in advance.

File attached …

FredoScale.skp (83.0 KB)

With native tools:

The first line I drew was on the blue axis inside your component. If its axes hadn’t been rotated you could have inferred a line perpendicular to the top sloped line.

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Use the move tool, infer to the edge then the face and the red axis.
You can even just inference the top edge then hit the right arrow and it will snap into place.


I’m finding it very difficult to get the inference on the top edge. I can hover it there longer than it takes to draw the whole thing the way I did above. I’ve only managed to do it twice in 10 mins of trying.

Select the end face → with the cursor over the long top edge press and hold down [Shift] → now move that selected face, grabbing it by its corner (the one on the same long edge) and move it to ‘On Face’.

Added: taken that both faces (small and large) are parallel.


Try grabbing the midpoint of the edge, can be the side midpoint if that is easier.

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That works too, many simple options. Arrow keys work too.

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Somehow it seems like we are making this too complicated:



Yeah, that’s simpler assuming the end face is parallel to the plane, which it is here.

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You need to constrain to the large edge. Your methode isn’t accurate.
It is accurate. I didn’t see the local red axis (on my mobile phone!!)

Thanks McGordon. You made an important point. It’s all about the axes. I tried to change the axes but could not get the axes so I could simply pull the face. Need to spend time and understand the change axes tool.

Wow, thanks to all. I feel a bit foolish trying to get FredoScale to work, when there were so many native tool solutions.

Still would like to become proficient with FredoScale.

If you want to find a tool to do this quickly and simply try Curic Extend

If it isn’t you can move the top and bottom short edges separately.

I have tried to use “change axes” so that I can pull the face out, but cannot find a configuration that works. Is it possible to use “change axes” to solve this issue?

No, changing axes won’t make it easier. In my first reply, your axes settings actually made it easier for me to draw the line perpendicular to the sloping edge. If your axes weren’t set that way, I could have got an inference perpendicular to the sloping edge instead. There’s no change of axes that would make that end face perpendicular to the long sloping edges. Either cut it off square first so you can use push-pull as I did, or use the move tool as shown by others.

Can’t find this extension on either Sketchucation or Ext Warehouse?

Thanks, kept trying different combinations, but could not find the right one, now I understand.

You can get Curic Extend here