How can I draw a Face perpendicular to a Diagonal?

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I often need to draw a shape perpendicular to an off axis line, and I wonder if there is a really simple way to do it :grinning:

For example, how would you extrude the horizontal L Shape in the image below along the diagonal line to create a 1 metre length of 50 x 50 Angle?

The attached file reproduces ths scenario.

Thanks for any help.


Forum Question.skp (25.7 KB)

I think I would draw the shape upright in the blue-green plane, extrude it along red, and then rotate it to the angle. Unless I misunderstood what you want…

Say your flat shape(*) is a component in your ‘In Model’ library.

  • change the current drawing axes so blue is along the diagonal line (the other two do no matter for now)
  • get the component from your ‘In Model’ library, (it will come in in the right orientation) and place it at one end of the diagonal line
  • extrude its flat face in its editing context along the line (cross sections will have the correct shapes)

p.s. (*) your component should have logical axes, e.g. blue perpendicular to its flat face.



I often do something quite similar, but it can be tricky rotating to a compound diagonal. I just wondered if there’s any easy way to extrude it directly?

Yes, see my post above.

Easiest option for using an off axis edge in this way is it use the pie tool to create a perpendicular face on which to draw your profile.


That answer is pure GENIUS

You’ve just saved me hours and hours of work.

Thank you very much :clap: :clap: :clap:


see CLF Perpendicular Face Tools
video explainer: Align FACES WITH PATHS in SketchUp with CLF Perpendicular Face Tools! - YouTube

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By the way, it’s pretty simple to align something using the rotate tool and inferencing.


Thanks Box.

That’s really neat!

Ive learned a lot from this thread :+1: