Exporting Toolbars for another computer!

Is there a way to save and export my SU toolbars settings and import it in another SU computer?

hello again,

yes, with one of fredo’s last extensions, Lord of the toolbars


there’s an option to export/import config, but you’d first have to set your toolbars up again with this plugin

Oh! … you mean that before I export the toolbars, I have to delete them first and configure them again?

Toolbars and shortcuts are stored in .json files, SharedPreferences.json and PrivatePreferences.json.
Duplicating those files will cause issues on the other machine, for it stores positions of toolbars that are monitor dependent, extension can store license info in it, but most important, the filepaths ([menu] Winodow > Preferences > Files) that are stored won’t match the other machine.
So you need to edit them.
.json files are stored in the user data (local and roaming)
I never get to remember which one goes where, though…

I see!
I got the feeling from your feedback that I should not mess with the .json files to avoid problems! Maybe then I should manually reconfigure the toolbars in my other SU computer.

Adding this feature in SU will be appreciated.