Toolbar editor question 2

hi everyone,
after some time playing around with toolbar editor I managed to create couple of realy useful buttons for my work flow until my computer broke down. now it’s being fixed… and so here is the question.
is there a way to save toolbars created with toolbar editor and load them to another computer in case your work comp is broke and you need to keep on working?
where can be these toolbars found if it is possible?

nobody knows? am I missing something? @pcmoor , @Aerilius

It appears that personal snippets/code is saved in a folder “SketchUp ToolbarEditor” , each given an unique index. This index is then tied to the button file path. I don’t think you can swap this to another computer. However you could retrieve the .rb files and save them (copies) to a personal folder

Toolbar Editor is more for personal use. As for sharing your snippets, without the need for in-depth instruction, you would add you own menu to the code to be uploaded from the plugin folder.

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thanks @pcmoor .