Exporting to *.u3d or *.ifc while maintaining textures


Hi, I run SketchUp Pro 2018 and work with a team of modelers who have to distribute their content in 3D pdf format.

Currently we’re exploring a software solution that allows one to import 3D objects into an existing PDF template, but it requires only *.u3d or *.ifc file types.

I can easily export .ifc from SketchUp but it loses texture information.

I have no idea how to export *.u3d from SketchUp or whether the file container even supports textures. Searching the internet seems to produce nothing.

Any ideas?

We are on a completely disconnected network so internet/cloud solutions will not work for us.


The IFC file format doesn’t support textures.

You could perhaps try using MeshLab to convert a Collada (.dae) file exported from SketchUp into an U3D file. Or try the plugins (from SimLab, for instance) that convert directly from SketchUp to 3D PDF.