Exporting to PDF Issues, the exported document doesn't reflect changes made

I have made changes to drawings in Layout before and never had this problem, the exported PDF doesn’t reflect the changes I made but the drawing is fine. I tried unlinking, updating and whatever else I can think of from the sketchup drawing. I spent alot of hours on it and do not want to do it again. any help would rock!

Check to see where the latest version of the PDF is being saved. Is it overwriting the old one?

I have tried saving it to a different drive, changing the name everything I can think of

What changes have you made to the file? What is it that you spot hasn’t changed?

I changed some minor drawing issues on one of the drawings in Sketchup, then exported the new drawing to Layout, opened my old drawing and erased the old one from the layout drawing and copy and pasted the new one to replace it. I did this in several instances but it is only the one that is giving me a problem

So you didn’t just save the changed model, go back to LayOut and update the model reference?

I’m not quite sure I understand but it reads to me like you deleted the viewport and then copy/pasted the viewport in from you new file. If that’s the case I think LayOut might either have multiple references of the same model or just the wrong reference. That’s how I’m reading into things.

you are correct I am sure, I am new to Layout… is there a way I can just unlink everything and just export it to pdf as is? I don’t understand enough to try and fix it as it keeps distorting whenever I mess with the references

I’m not sure if that will work, but I do have a feeling there is something suspicious with the LayOut file itself.

So inside LayOut the file currently displays exactly as you want?

You could upload the LayOut file here for someone to take a look, but I can’t promise anything. TBH I’m confused myself as to what’s going on.

yes, the current Layout file displays exactly what I want, when exporting it ends up with the previous version of the drawing so you are probably correct about the references, I know now how to deal with it all now I just don’t want to do the drawing all over again… I just want to print it like it appears on the file lol. I’ll upload it and see if someone can help. Thank you so much for your help and quick response!

If the LayOut document shows the changes you made to the SketchUp, the issue doesn’t lie between SketchUp and LayOut. It’s between LayOut and the final PDF file. How about sharing the LayOut file so we can see what you have going on?