Exporting to Google Earth

I am trying to export my file into Google Earth using my MacOS and have been unsuccessful so far. I will attach the .skp file as well as the exported .kmz file. any help would be much appreciated. I am new to this and relatively inexperienced. Thank you

suspention bridge #3 take 2.kmz (714.1 KB)

suspention bridge #3 take 2.skp (5.6 MB)

Yours fails for me, too. I opened your .skp file, turned off the tag for the terrain and exported the .kmz file. Not sure if the # in the file name is a problem but I removed it when I exported the file.

suspention bridge 3 take 2.kmz (647.2 KB)

hmm, darn. I wonder if the extensions that I use in the model are not compatible with this type of export? I use Curviloft.

There’s no reason that Curviloft would have any influence on the .kmz export. Did the .kmz file I uploaded work on GE for you?

Yes it did work! Thank you! did you just remove the number from the file name?

As I wrote, I removed the pound sign. I also turned off the tag for the terrain.