Exporting to DWG 2018 w/ Layout 2019

Seems that when I export Layout 2019 to DWG Autocad 2018 and I open it on AutocadLT (my version 2019) it comes up with a educational/student use license whereas the 2013 does not? Can anyone verify this?

What is “it”? LayOut or AutoCAD LT?

ADesk applications do rant if the DWG is not a so called ‘RealDWG’ created natively by an ADesk software (aka threatening)… which can be ignored.

Hi Dave,
It’s not an educational version of autocad. The Layout converter I guess sets it up as one?

the SU/LO DXF/DWG engine (Teigha) is always the same for all DXF/DWG versions.

What’s the exact ACAD message and can you upload the DWG affected.

Here’s what the message looked like when I opened it


did you have imported a DXF/DWG into LayOut and if yes, where does it come from?

ACAD v2019 now does show this information if the EDU stamp is detected whereas the former ACAD versions 2015-2018 just ignored it even if in the file contained.

I imported my SU file into layout and then exported it to the DXF/DWG. The original file was created in the 2019 SU downloaded as a 30 day trial use. Do you think that makes a difference?

Dont have that problem using Draftsight :slight_smile:

@Ekistic1, so it looks like to avoid this “Student Stamp” that AutoDesk is placing on files would be to save it as a 2013 file format.

The good news is our improvements to exporter for example “Exporting with Materials” option will still hold true exporting with an older version of the exporter.

The majority of our improvements have been made on the Importer side so this should not effect that at all.


Trent, Thank you for your reply. Why would ACAD do this for the 2018 version and not the 2013?
Anyway I did find the 2013 worked fine.

I can’t exactly say for sure… but we are not alone with this issue when trying to “play well” with AutoDesk and using libraries that do.

Let me know if you run into any other snags.


I get exactly the same issue.

Export settings

Message within AutoCAD when trying to open exported DWG file

The trouble is that if this drawing is inserted into another, the student license watermark is carried over.

Did you see @SketchUp3D_de’s post above and follow the link he provided?

And then Trent’s post?

Seems like Trimble needs to work something out with AutoDesk to make this update seamless with professional use. So far the file transfers to DWG 2013 work fine with the latest version of AC.

Sounds like maybe AutoDesk needs to work out something with a number of other companies, too.

Happens here too (in DWG Trueview 2019). I don’t think it is Autodesk’s fault. I wonder if the exporter uses some hidden template file in the wrong format. Or somehow else the format is wrong. No error messages when using the 2018 DXF format instead.

same here w/ freshly installed LO 2019 and natively created drawing exported to DWG v2018.

A known bug of the ODA Teigha SDK introduced with the initial support of the AC file format version 2018 in the Teigha version 4.3.1. A patch for the version 4.3.2 used by SU 2019 is avail., the latest Teigha release version 2019 does already include the fix.

Should make it in an initial SUP 2019 maintenance release.

hear hear