Exporting to collada


I’m having some problems with collada exportation and I would appreciate your help. I have a 3D model in Sketchup of 77.685 KB and once I export it to collada format, the size of the document increases to 172.425 KB, becoming it imposible to manage. Does somebody knows what could be the reason for this? And how could I avoid this size growth?

Thanks in advance!!

Try posting the model as it’s hard to know for sure without seeing what’s being exported.

What means for you impossible to manage?

Performance in SketchUp does not directly depend on file size, but model complexity (polygon count, component nesting) and materials. These are properties that should be (almost) invariant during export. However it is well known that Collada (being a text-based XML format) has a larger file size. You can zip it or export as .kmz.

Thanks for your quick response Eric!

I can tell it is an existing football stadium but I cannot post it.

one thing to try would be to purge all unused components and then then purge materials, this may (or may not) reduce possible redundant items in the export? Also I believe if you have “triangulate all faces” checked it will reduce the file size ( by half ).

Hi Aerilius,

I export it to collada owing to open it also in Blender, and my computer isn’t able to work with a document of this size.

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