Exporting Sketchup files to 3D .DWG files for AutoCAD 17



I have exported a 3D sketchup drawing into 3D .dwg and the reciever, using AutoCAD 17, cannot read the dimensions from the drawing and is thus not able to calculate me a quote for production costs.

What can be the problem?

I have Sketchup Pro and I checked off all the marking under OPTIONS when exporting the file.

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check your DXF/DWGs with a viewer if reproducable:

• DXF/DWG: Teigha f. Windows & Mac OS
• DWG: DWG TrueView f. Windows


I have tried with A360viewer and the .DWG drawing works fine. But the problem is appearently in AutoCAD and I do not have this.


DWG TrueView is a stripped down ACAD, try this.


I have now tried DWG TrueView. It seems to work fine…