Exporting SketchUp file to Atlantis (atl)

Hi, I am trying to export my sketch file into an atl file for Artlantis. There is no “atl” as an option in the drop down menu. Can anyone please help me solve this? Thanks. I have sketchup make 2017.

Did you look at the Artlantis downloads site?

yes, the extension plugins are for sketch pro and didn’t work for me

I expect you’ll need to get SketchUp Pro, then. Or maybe there’s another format Artlantis will import that SketchUp Make can export.

Thanks. Im trying 3DS now.

ArtLantis can also open SketchUp files directly, except that it cannot open version 2017 files yet. If you use 2017 you can just save your SketchUp model in an older version format. I think that 2015 should work.