SketchUp Pro 2017 render engine! Artlantis crisis



Hey guys!

i just bought a new Macbook Pro with core i7 and 16 GB of Ram and dedicated 2GB GPU (Radeon Pro 450)

already installed all my applications and it all working fine… Ps, Ai, Id, SU, AutoCad… but it seems that Artlantis is not woking with SketchUp Pro 2017… tried to install the SU Pro 2016 plug in but nothing… so if anyone knows how to fix this Please!!

Other thing… if anyone knows another render engine… that would be helpful… im used to lumion, so if anyone knows a render engine as fast as lumion… PLEASE let me know!

Thank You!!!


ArtLantis hasn’t posted an exporter plugin from SketchUp 2017 to Artlantis 6 (or older). What you can try is to save your SketchUp model as an older version file (like version 2015 or even older) and then open it directly from within ArtLantis. An export plugin is often unnecessary.

Sometimes I have had problems with the visibility of all of my SketchUp model in ArtLantis, and have found out that exploding everything in SketchUp down to plain faces and edges before saving it in a format that ArtLantis understands helps.