Exporting model out of SketchUp into Artlantis not working!

On a new mac, working off the latest version of SketchUp Pro, trying to export a model into Artlantis’21, I’ve downloaded the SketchUp / Artlantis plugin but “.atl” isn’t featuring in the export drop down list within SketchUp…anyone with any experience of fixing this? Thanks in advance!

It looks like it should be there. Did you restart sketchup after installing the extension?

Thanks yeah restarted sketchup (and laptop!), the plugins have always worked in previous versions but dont seem to be playing ball on this one.

Thanks for taking a look!

You might need to reach out to the Artlantis folks. Possible the problem could be on their end of the pipeline.

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Correct your profile to match you r new Mac specs.
Check with Artlantis that their export plugin is compatible with the M1 processor. You can also try running SketchUp with Rosetta.
Note too that ArtLantis can open a SKP file directly without a plugin (probably you must save as an older sketchup version).