Exporting Sketchup drawing files in .stp format


I am seeking to export drawings that i regularly use in Sketchup 2015, free version, as .stl files for 3D printing, as .stp files for other CAD programmes. The purpose is for early stage feasilbility assessment of the objects for injection moulding. It is very early days. I cannot find the ability even in Sketchup Pro. Any suggestions? Other possibilities I could use are iges or parasolid files, the combination used in Autocad, Solidworks or ProEngineer?
Bob the Beeman


The STL format is available as a free plugin created by the SketchUp developers - you can download it from the Extension Warehouse.
In addition, SketchUp Pro has the DWG/DXF format. According to their documentation, Solidworks and ProEngineer support DWG.
SketchUp is a face modeller, so the interchange between it and solid modellers will never be very ideal.
(btw, the iges or parasolid files you mention aren’t supported by AutoCad)