Exporting from Layout with missing Dimensions

Since the latest update when I export my layout files as PNG’s some of the dimensions don’t show up, is anyone else having this issue? I find I have to redraw them in again but this doesn’t always work.

They don’t show up in the export? I haven’t seen this here.


Can you the LO file?

Layout example.layout (2.5 MB) I ended up exporting it 3 times until it showed up? cheers for taking a look

Hmmmm… This is the first try for me. I only opened your file and selected Export>Images.

I wonder if this is a graphics card issue. What is the model of your card? Are the drivers up to date?

Do you get the same result if you export a PDF?

I think your right there with the graphics card, i’ll run some updates and let you know if it solves it. Only after testing for a period of time will i know whether the issue is resolved, fingers crossed.

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i updated my graphic card but doesn’t work. somes of dimension still dosn’t show up.

I opened up the sample LO file and I’m able to export .png, .pdf and .jpg with no info drop. Driving a fully loaded Mac w/ Catalina.