Exporting from Layout with missing Dimensions

Since the latest update when I export my layout files as PNG’s some of the dimensions don’t show up, is anyone else having this issue? I find I have to redraw them in again but this doesn’t always work.

They don’t show up in the export? I haven’t seen this here.


Can you the LO file?

Layout example.layout (2.5 MB) I ended up exporting it 3 times until it showed up? cheers for taking a look

Hmmmm… This is the first try for me. I only opened your file and selected Export>Images.

I wonder if this is a graphics card issue. What is the model of your card? Are the drivers up to date?

Do you get the same result if you export a PDF?

I think your right there with the graphics card, i’ll run some updates and let you know if it solves it. Only after testing for a period of time will i know whether the issue is resolved, fingers crossed.

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i updated my graphic card but doesn’t work. somes of dimension still dosn’t show up.

I opened up the sample LO file and I’m able to export .png, .pdf and .jpg with no info drop. Driving a fully loaded Mac w/ Catalina.

Older issue, but resolved?
I have the same problem with LO 2020, in layout it shows right,
but exporting in PDF/ PNG/ JPG dimensions are missing!

Screenshot 2022-09-22 085947


When drawing new dimensions, also these are not shown in PDF, no matter on which layer or which style…

Can you share an example LO file in which this happens for you?

What font are you using?

This file is too big for upload (35.950 KB), and I can’t reproduce this error.
I resolved it for me to rebuild the Layout by copy and paiste to a new layout file…

Does it still happen in the original LO file or did you delete it? You could upload the file to DropBox and share the link.

Hi Plishman, I experienced the same problem when I was trying to export an image in both .jpg and .png formats and I solved this annoying issue by creating a new layer for the dimensions and putting it on top of the other layers, and ultimately assigning the dimensions to this new layer on top. When I exported they were finally displayed.

Best practice would be to put the dimensions on their own layer in LayOut and to put that layer near the top of the list above the layers for the viewports and such.