Exporting Animation in Sketchup for Ipad

I am having difficulties exporting an animation with 14 cuts, from my Ipad Pro (M1) as .mp4 file

I can export it from my PC.

File size of my model is around 73MB

I chose the lowest preset for exporting. (Social Media (720p, 16:9) - 1280px x 720 px)

-Picture 1 below : It is generating animation file
-Picture 2 below : It is making me chose whether to save the file to FILE, Dropbox, etc.
-Picture 3 below : No matter what I chose, a blank dialog box comes up from below, and goes right back down again.
-Screen remains as Picture 2.
(Sorry for the language in the picture is not English)

FYI, the Ipad is new and I have not done much to it.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

p.s. I thought it would be better to send this issue as an email rather than posting here, but could not find way to delete this topic I made. (I can delete the post, but the topic remains.) So I will just leave it here for now.

I’m not able to reproduce this; the last stage looks normal and I have a choice of places to save the file listed. I’m not on an M1, I’m on an iPad 6G, if that matters.

With trial & error (such as reinstalling the app in Ipad, changing file names), I have found out that setting the file name of .mp4 in English works like yours.

It does not matter if I put symbols such as _, -, etc.
but setting the file name in Korean (my language in the app) does not work.

Thank you for the reproducing effort.

Aha, glad you found the problem and solution.

@sl59lee Thank you for reporting this issue. I’ve got it logged in our system.