Export to Solidworks

I need to export SketchUp Pro 2023 to Solidworks. Is a plug-in required for this or can it be done in Sketchup?

I ultimately need a ‘Stepfile’ file for a laser cutter for the manufacture of a steel staircase if that helps.

If you need to export your 3D model you could try exporting as a 3D DWG and import into Solidworks that way.
Or try exporting as an STL - I think Solidworks can import that,

But if your manufacturer just needs a flat blank profile to lasercut then you could send your part to layout, create a drawing and export that as a DXF or DWG.

Thank you.

An IFC file is basically the same as an STEP file, you might try that.
Either way, it is not gonna be a Solidworks solid, just a messh

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