Export to EPS - random results for text entities

I found an issue that I guess is a bug and I hope it can be fixed in the future.
I recently started exporting my drawings, usually plans, to EPS format and then to Corel DRAW application. Faces and edges export well but text, hmmm… It exports totally random and usually most text does not import. But it’s not like text is not supported because some small chunk of text exports perfectly well and I can even edit it in Corel. Also, it’s not Corel’s fault because the same random result I get in other apps too.
Doesn’t matter if text entities are grouped, not grouped, what size they are or even what the method of anchoring it is. Same with both screen text and leader text. Just random randomness.
I wish SketchUp Team would take a look at this issue.

Is the result the same if you export to PDF? (it should be essentially the same exporter). Have you tried different fonts?

PDF works fine with text :smiley:
So simple. Why didn’t I think about it?
It just exports the entire drawing instead of just on-screen content but I can deal with it. Will hide or just remove the rest of the drawing.
Plus this way SketchUp won’t export Polish letters. With this fact I can also live, though I think this could be improved in future versions :slight_smile: