Export to DWG losing part of layer name

Im trying to export to 3D DWG from sketchup 2017 pro. All my parts are components with their own names, part of the names and layers get exported to DWG however it cuts the ends off. Is there a fix for this?

it looks like the app your showing has a name length limit…

see if shorter names work…



Thanks for the suggestion however, it is AutoCAD 2017 that I am using and it is no where near the character limit.

Any other suggestions?


I created a simple cube component and put it on a layer with a name having 50 characters. Then I exported it as a 3D dxf file.

The layer name in the dxf file was truncated to 31 characters. So that means the limitation is with Sketchup’s built in export system.

There may be other dxf / dwg exporters that do not have this limitation.

What Autocad version were you exporting to or opening the file with? Older AutoCad versions have a 31 character limit on layer names
it has other limitations too (form the Autodesk knowledgebase)::

  • A layer name can be up to 255 characters long (double-byte or alphanumeric), and include letters, numbers, spaces, and several special characters. Layer lists are sorted alphanumerically, with special characters first, numbers in value order, and alpha characters in alphabetic order.
  • Layer names cannot include the following characters: < > / \ “ : ; ? * | = ‘

The most current one that comes with Sketchup Pro Autocad 2013.

BTW - the exporter replaces spaces with underscores.

Probably the exporter uses the same procedure for layer names for every supported DWG/DXF file version so the oldest supported version determines what happens to them. If this is a bug or a feature, I don’t know. It might come from some third party exporter code. Version awareness might be a good thing.

I’m pretty sure that Sketchup uses the Teigha file converter

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