Export texture naming

I have been exporting skp files to FBX, OBJ and 3DS - my texture names are changed / shortened with 3D model export to 3DS.

Is it best to leave the texture name changes for 3DS, or change them to the original full texture names for use in 3DS?

3DS is an antiquated file format from the previous millennium. It requires texture names to follow the original DOS file name format (8 characters and a 3-letter extension), hence the shortening. If you change the names of the exported texture files, the software you use to open the exported file will not be able to find the textures.

Excellent, exactly what I needed to know.


You should also take a look at glTF format which seems going to be future of 3D sharing.

There is already an extension to import & export for SketchUp! Check this topic: glTF import and export

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