Export a .skp model Crash

I want to export a .skp Model to .3ds
but it’s a little big , about 40M , and when it proceed to 39% , it crash , i saw the log file , nothing was recorded .
should i reinstall it ?

Maybe purge unused first and try to avoid components? I am just suggesting.

Don’t know about that. The problem with the 3DS file type is that it is very old, originally from the old pre-Autodesk 3D Studio, DOS operating system. It has limitations on how many faces a mesh can have (64K), texture naming (only 8 characters + 3-character extension) etc. So a model that is split into components or groups of suitable size might have a better chance of success. I don’t know if this is the reason.
@jon.leung1998 , if you can share the model via some cloud service, others could take a look.

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