Export question

Hello there. I currently have Sketchup Make and installed the Faster OBJ Exporter to export .obj files to Maya. I am planning on purchasing the Pro version, I just need a few more months to work on my skills and I am trying to find out if I can do what I want to do before I purchase it.

I am running into an issue with the import as Maya gives me the following error: Your OBJ file contains faces shared by multiple groups. Maya cannot create multiple objects for this file. A single mesh object will be created instead. The OBJ group information will be captured in Maya sets. When I press OK nothing happens.

In my Sketchup File, I exploded all the groups and intersected the planes thinking this may help but it didn’t change anything. What am I doing wrong or do I need the pro version to get this done?

Thanks for any advice, I am going nuts trying to figure out what to do.

Did you check Maya to see if you have a new file?

thanks for your reply, I actually did end up finding it, even though both measurements are in centimetres my project imported only parts and extremely massive. It also made triangles out of each square some of which have multiple lines going through it. Basically just a mess. I tried with a simple cube and the same thing happened. I guess what I am wondering, is if I purchase the pro will the same thing happen or are there additional options on the export that can be set so it imports the same?

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