Export matérial list

Hello Friends, is there a way to export a liste of materials of each face of component to csv file ? Thanks u :wink:

Do you mean a cut list?

Thanks u. No for exemple 6 colums one whith the material of eache face on csv file

Can you show an image of an example?

Here is an example in photo of the desired result. Thank you

[Uploading: list of materials.png...]()


I’m still not sure what you want to accomplish with your csv - do you need dimensions, areas or something else?

Normally, for a cut list or similar export - you need to create components (usually volumes) which are then listed (including materials).

I want to export material but on face level note component (component whith multi matérial) for edgebanding optimisation. THANKS

There are a few extensions that export to csv including Cutlist by Steve R.

You may want to try creating groups or components of the edge faces first.

I don’t have much experience myself with cutlists - you may also need to name the materials on the components for the cutlist.