Is there a way to list/get Multiple Materials on Component?

Hello everyone! I need some help!

Is there a way to list/get information about the material aplied on a specific side (or even better, all sides) of a component?

For example: in the image below I aplied a wood material on the front side, and aplied a white material on all the other sides of the component.
If I try to generate a report, it will return me the material only if there is only one material aplied to the entire component.


I’m sorry if there is already a topic on this subject, I didn’t find on the search

Thanks in advance!

You would need to make separate components for the edging and the panel.

Hi @DaveR! Thanks for the reply!

hum… we tried to do this but if was just too much work :sob: and the report woudn’t specify on what panel the edging if (unless if we manually specify on the name of the component).

We are using the “MaxCut software”, and it have the option to import all the panels (csv file/sketchup report) indicating if it has edging on a specific side, so if there was a way to get the material of a specific side it would automate this part