Export components to CSV?

Is there a way, in SketchUp Shop, to export the components of a project/model to a spreadsheet? Once I draw out my cabinet or box I’d like to have a parts list or a cut list. Is that possible in Shop?


No. That’s not available in SketchUp Shop. You would need a desktop version of SketchUp to generate a cutlist or other report.

I have SketchUp Make, but they seem to be phasing that into obsolescence.

SketchUp 2017 Make, the last version of Make) is not getting updates but you could still use it for generating your cut lists. It will work until you’re operating system “advances” to the point that old applications won’t work. Maybe by that time they will have added acutlist feature to SketchUp Shop or you may decide that the added capabilities found in SketchUp Pro are worthwhile to you.