Export from Layout to .dwg

Hey there you sketchup people,
I made a 3d model of the first floor…walls windows…then I made a viewport in layout to print out some pdfs…everything works fine…
Now another company wants the floorplan in .dwg-format. Unfortunately the viewport ist only an image when opening with autodesk trueview. So i could not measure in the .dwg-Program. Even if i change the viewport from Vektor- to Raster- mode the same behaveior…The measurs and lines i drew in layout are exported fine, i can measure lengths on them, while the needed floorplan is not…mmh.
I would be glad if someone could help me, perhaps I did something wrong while export procedure…
yours spb

Please try setting the Viewports to VECTOR (not Raster) before Exporting. Otherwise, the resulting export will be an Image.


I did, but it didn’t work, now it does, but why I don’t know. I refreshed the viewport and saved. Perhaps this was it…
Thank you for your help

Is there any way for DWG export to map SketchUp tags/layers to DWG layers? Direct from SketchUp doesn’t, and I’m not seeing any settings that would indicate it could from Layout either. I see where Layout layers can be, but that’s not what’s needed to work with others outside the SketchUp system.

3D Model export does.

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Doh! I think I might have known that and totally forgot. Thanks for reminding me. I don’t think of using 3D DWG when going out to a 2D program, but it works!