Export "Format" Dialog Missing

Hi, I am using Layout 17.3.166 on OSX 10.13. I am having some window problems including the Export choose “format” being being missing like the attached. Does anyone know what is wrong or is this an issue with the new OS?

Thanks, Justin

I’m not a Mac person, but looking at the above, I’d click on the arrow to the right of the “Save As” box, as well as on the “Options” button at the bottom to see if the format options you’re looking for are in one of those two places.

I’d try File >> Export…

that looks like File >> Save As…



John’s got it in one. The only options available with Save and Save as are SKP. Other file types are under Export.

Thanks for the thoughts. It appears to be a bug, and happens when the full file browser is exposed. If the browser is closed with the triangle, the format option appears, as per attached image. I have attached the two states for comparison.Untitled

Hi all, yes this is a bug with the dialog on High Sierra.
The Format: becomes unavailable when this dialog is maximized, but are available when minimized.

Sorry for the inconvenience
Thank you all


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